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Who We Are

Our design was created and manufactured in São Paulo, Brasil in 1990 by Teresa and Cris C. Our brand has the mission to create underwear for all transgender people. Our vision is to organize and distribute in different regions, and contribute to the visibility of the 

LGBTQ+ communities.


Josie Azocar is the founder of Tuckituppp in the United States since 2019. We aspire to unite and connect people from all communities. It is important for us to provide a product that makes everyone feel comfortable and confident in their everyday life using Tuckituppp. 

Joy Underwear was create in 2020 , with dream of have a product from trans woman to trans woman, where we can feel confident , sexy and empower. Joy was release in 2023 in 8 colors 8 sizes , and the new lingerie products will be available soon.

\We are Tuckituppp

A tucking underwear for all. Anyone can tuck and we are here to help.

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